PrimKoM CD welding systems
Safe configuration of CD welding systems requires experience. The size of a system is not only dependent on the welding task, but also on the complete concept consisting of the component, equipment, system and degree of automation. The KAPKON concept therefore permits a high level of flexibility.
All machines of the PrimKoM series are available in a basic version (without MCS-System) as well as with MCS-System. The only exception is the PrimKoM-P100. This machine is not yet available with MCS-System.

The machines from our PrimKoM range:
PrimKoM04 (-MCS) - PrimKoM12 (-MCS) - PrimKoM18 (-MCS) with C-Frame
PrimKoM-P12 (-MCS) - PrimKoM-P18 (-MCS) - PrimKoM-P36 (-MCS) - PrimKoM-P100 with Portal-Design
generously overlap each other in terms of performance data.