• Projection welding reinvented:

    Projection welding reinvented

    CD projection welding - is modernisation necessary?
    Resistance welding is regarded as a very old and mature process, which occupies an important place in industrial production. Since the introduction of alternating current, this joining process has already gained in importance because high welding currents could be generated by transformers /1/. The process has been in use for more than 100 years, which means that its essential features are now complete. Further development is being carried out in process variants in order to meet the growing challenges arising in particular from the further development of the materials used. The main focus is on the improvement of monitoring methods and automatic parameter adjustments, for which a considerable amount of measuring, computing and evaluation technology as well as software development capacities are required...

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    Hans-Jürgen RUSCH1, Max-Martin KETZEL2, Nicolas STOCKS1, Uwe FÜSSEL2

    The capacitor discharge welding (CDW) has no parameter or machine setting available which directly affects the course of the welding current. Constructive characteristics of the electrical power circuit influence the time curve of the energy input. Therefore, a method to characterise the electrical parameter of CDW machines is shown. The mechanical system of CDW machines, in particular the operation principle of the follow-up mechanism, can also be analysed by analogy. This knowledge is necessary to construct a follow-up mechanism which sustains the welding force during the welding process, as welding force is as important as welding current for the formation of the joint.

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  • "Research report" CD multi-pulse welding of welding nuts:

    CD multi-pulse welding of welding nuts on 22MnB5 + AS150
    Hans-Jürgen Rusch and Nicolas Stocks

    The welding of welding nuts onto press-hardened steel with a coating of AlSi is extremely important! In body construction in particular, almost every part has functional elements. These elements are applied using the projection welding process. For years there have been international efforts to carry out this process safely and economically for very large quantities. The "combined pulse sequence" process developed by KAPKON will be presented, which makes unprecedented qualities possible, es-pecially by using the theory of capacitor discharge welding (CD welding).

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